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into the deep

Medium: Digital

This piece was an attempt to capture the feeling of being disconnected from your rationality, as one drowns in the dizzying and absorbing nature of one’s own feelings.


quiet down Medium: Digital/Tattoo(2020) “Y’all better quiet down,” was uttered by Sylvia Riviera at a New York gay pride rally¬†(1973), during a speech about the struggle for trans recognition within the early queer movement. Portfolio View Stunts Skater Submissions Stunts skater Medium: Digital(2020) This is…

Arch Donation Medium: Digital(2020) This piece was created for a fundraiser put together at the start of the pandemic for a raffle basket. Portfolio View Rebel Personal REbel Medium: Digital(2018) This is a digital coloring exercise to improve elements of my illustration, particularly shadows and…