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tarot deck

Medium: Digital
These three images are intended to be produced as Tarot cards. Each one is part of an ongoing project to create a roller skate-themed Tarot deck. The “Ace of Cups” is a card embodying water, emotions, and the start of new relationships. “VII of Pentacles” shows the benefits of hard work, the reward of investment, and the element of earth. The “Queen of Wands” is all about fire, self-assuredness, and courage.


Laserbeard Medium: Digital(2021) This is page 2 of a queer space pirate graphic novel about finding family and a sense of belonging. Portfolio View Thanks, Tim Comics, Personal Thanks, tim. Medium: Digital(2021) This is a piece created out of therapeutic reflection on what it means…

arch rival skaters Medium: Ink & Prismacolor Markers, digital (2019-2020) Whiskey Arch Loki These three pieces were all commissioned by skaters from the local roller derby league. The goal of “Whiskey” and “Loki” was to use elements of their previous teams’ logos as parts of…